That feeling you get

Sitting across the desk from a colleague during our regular what’s happening meeting, I received a gentle reminder about my professional targets. Had I started the leadership blog? Well.. no, excuses, more excuses and then a note to self that the excuse of not having a suitable name was no longer acceptable and it was simply time to write.

Having a vague recollection that I had trawled Twitter sometime in September 2017 to find the top 10 leadership blogs. I returned to my original search @Teacher Toolkit where a regular stream of professional reading and resources are at your fingertips. Re-reading the post, Top 10 Education blogs in the U.K, then following the link to top tips, inspired me to work through the uneasy feeling of getting started, follow the guidelines and begin to write.

  • Tip one, choose a platform. Easy, a colleague had recommended WordPress. Tick.
  • Tip two, make the blog personal, so far so good. Tick.
  • Tip three,  word limit 1,500. Have that covered.
  • Tip four +, follow a format similar to Neil Patel. This one, a work in progress.

Initial thoughts from a novice blogger.

The effective leaders that I have had the privilege of working with over the duration of my career have all had something in common; a strong vision,  based on current pedagogy and strength of character. From my humble beginnings as an NQT to now, as a not so NQT, you just know when you’ve got an effective leader at the helm.

My goal in writing this blog is to begin a personal reflection of my leadership, learning from the not so good experiences, celebrating and sharing the success. I plan to come back to that feeling you get when things are uncomfortable, remind myself of my vision and believe in my strength of character.

To inspire young minds to explore endless possibilities and inspire wise minds to consider new possibilities.

So, here it is, my first post. More to come.

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