Thankfully, I’ve had a mind shift in attitude towards exercise and the importance I place on it in my life.

The shift occurred in December last year whilst watching an episode of Catalyst @ABCcatalyst, Alzheimer’s – Can we prevent it? Research suggests it can be delayed, even prevented.

What I took away from this T.V program, was the need for me to increase the amount exercise I participated in weekly, eat well and attempt new things.

So, the shift began and I’m pleased to say I have enjoyed my weekly not negotiable walks in the jungle and a mix of gym/tennis or racketball.

This morning was racketball. Heading off to the local squash court to sweat out the working week’s activities, I was looking forward to the game ahead. What strategies might I implement or at least attempt to.. and, dreading the back left-hand corner shot!

As expected, within the first 10 minutes of the game I was drenched in sweat, and I’d like to think that I had conquered the back left-hand corner. That could have only been my bias reflection of the game; perhaps not the reality.

However, today’s racketball challenge wasn’t actually the back left-hand corner. It was playing doubles. I knew this was going to require a considerable amount of concentration, ongoing assessment, and learning. Wrestling with the contradicting voices in my head, I chose wisely.

The ‘exercise’ inner voice won.

And, as a result, learning, laughter, muscle tone and a sense of accomplishment occurred. Thanks to the supportive group of people I was with.

It isn’t a new saying by any means, however, its message rings true for many aspects of life – prevention is better than cure.

Even if the research proves wrong, the benefits I have gained from my mind shift are worth it.

This post is part of the Annual 11th Slice of Life Challenge Two writing teachers



  1. Adrienne

    My dad had Alzheimers and this is interesting news to me. I’ve been eating better the last few months, after a slightly disappointing physical in December, and will add this information to my arsenal. I know my sister’s doctor keeps telling her “How you live now, will determine how you live in your 80″s”.


  2. Stacey Shubitz

    Welcome to our writing community!

    I had a wake up call recently too. I was exercising regularly, but wasn’t eating well. I got myself a calorie counting app and have been watching what I’ve been eating and feel so much better!


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