Make a wish 11:11

My daughter sent me a message today that read:

Make a wish


So I did.

Sadly, the wish did not come true.

What it did make me do was remember the sweet innocence of childhood. My mother and I finding dandelions and making wishes together.

Decades on, my daughter and I making wishes together.

Cherish childhood memories; they are special.



7 thoughts on “Make a wish 11:11

  1. So true. How quickly we forgot, and then how quickly we remember when something triggers our memory. I have come to appreciate the power of memory and shared experiences more and more as our son gets older and hope to always remember them.

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  2. I love when my clock says 11:11 or 5:55 or 1:23 or any other fun number combination. I didn’t know you could make a wish at a time like this. I seem to always look at my watch on these wonderful times.

    Loved the connection between your daughter’s text, your wish today with her, and your wish alongside your mom. Beautiful.

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  3. I am reading Granted by John David Anderson. It is about a fairy and talks a lot at the beginning about things that grant wished, like eyelashes and dandelions. It is also about the loss of magic in the world. I love that you and your daughter still believe!

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