Car Conversation

Inspired by today’s featured Slicer, Darcy Haury, I have decided to write about our family dog – Rue.

Rue is a golden Labrador, full of life and always happy to be in our company.

This morning, whilst driving to school, my daughter told me about something Rue had done.

“Rue was adorable when I was in the kitchen”, my daughter explained.

“How so?” I replied, thinking of all the possible mischievous things Rue could have done.

Continuing, my daughter elaborated on her encounter.

Whilst my daughter was deciding what to eat for breakfast, Rue walked cautiously towards her. Ever so gently Rue began sniffing all around my daughter’s feet; these feet were bruised and battered from a weekend hike in the jungle. My daughter was amazed by the sixth sense Rue had in response to her ailments, she was awestruck. Rue empathised with her pain and suffering.

We sat in silence for a few moments; contemplating the compassionate nature of Rue.

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