Reflection # 1


I established my blog ‘Classroom Harmony’ in response to a leadership target. As a classroom teacher (and a mother of three), I have spent the past two decades leading children. Although I am not ‘new’ to leading, I am ‘new’ to leading adults within a dynamic and large school.

Research and Development

Strategies to develop my blog

  • Read blog posts from educational leaders, how are they reflective?
  • Talk about writing with colleagues, friends and family, what makes a blog post interesting?
  • Start writing, take on board feedback, edit and review. Be vulnerable.


The first strategy led me to Mrs Garden’s blog – Monday Musings. Immediately, I began following her posts; receiving an email notification when new posts were written. Her post Do you have the write stuff? where she promoted Slice of Life, is the reason I am a #SOL18 Slicer.

Being a part of the #SOL18 challenge has allowed me to read blogs daily from different parts of the world. I can explore how writers deliver their message. Learn new ideas for teaching children and leading teams.

Leadership Lessons # 1

How has being part of Slice of Life helped?

  • By writing daily, I am reflecting, I am considering the impact of my words. I am continually asking, is the message clear to my audience?
  • Planning is essential, I need to think ahead. The plan can be modified, but it is essential to start with one.
  • Research as much as possible, there is always more to learn.
  • Listen to feedback, adapt and modify the writing or situation as required.

In summary, an effective leader is reflective. So, feedback, please.

6 thoughts on “Reflection # 1

  1. “By writing daily, I am reflecting, I am considering the impact of my words. I am continually asking, is the message clear to my audience?” I think you have hit the nail on the hear here. What I like about the SOLSC is the reflection piece. It forces me to take stock of my life at some point during the day and apply the writing skills I teach my kids.


  2. Interesting to read your blog evolution. I think our writing shifts The first year of the challenge and during the year on Tuesday, I planned my blog mapping out the month carefully. This year I keep snippets and compose in word press as I go, so much looser. Interesting.


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