Silent Energy

Wednesday afternoon is one of my favourite times of the week. It is when my students and I lose ourselves in the magical world of reading.

Today, as I sat and prepared for the lesson, I reflected how at the beginning of the school year the students were apprehensive, cautious and – to some extent – reluctant to immerse themselves and get ‘lost’ in a story. This was no longer the case, now there were 20 minds filled with anticipation, ready to enter the classroom; excited about being transported to another world.

The end-of-lunch bell rang; the children entered the room.

Within moments the classroom was silent. A silence that resonates energy, its force moving to the rhythm of the words on the page. I watched in wonder as Dahl took the students deep into the heart of the factory, to Room Numbers 54, 71 and 77, The Inventing Room and The Great Gum Room.

Floating above their heads were images of ‘sweets that looked round’, ‘a witch’s kitchen’, large green marbles dropping to the floor and machines that groaned. I was surrounded by 20 imaginary movie theatres.

Ah! I do love Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “Silent Energy

  1. I also love the silence that falls across a room when my students open their books and dive in. I especially love it when the timer goes off and nobody closes their books! That’s how I can tell that book love is becoming a real thing for them.

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  2. These words are so true of me fourth graders-“20 imaginary movie theatres” too. They love reading but this was not how they started. I hope to join you in reading with my students, which I do not do so well. Thanks for sharing this positive ‘energy.’

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