Good Night, Me


Our Junior School students participated in a Performing Arts Festival today. Students between the ages of 5 – 12 showcased a range of musical, dance and performance talent.

At one point in the festival, petite ballerina fairies skipped and pranced across the stage. Feeling nostalgic, my mind returned to a time (not so long ago) when my girls were that age; when they skipped and pranced with pure delight.


The petite fairies inspired my post for today.

Reminiscent of a time years ago, when stories before bed were a night time routine. I recalled a book my daughter loved to read, Good Night, Me by Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay, and, I wrote the following.


Good night, feet. Thank you for running me round today.

Feet, you keep me grounded.

Legs, get some rest. We’ve got a lot of jumping to do tomorrow.

Legs, you give me the height to stand tall and be proud of who I am.

Keep breathing chest.

Breath, you give me life to enjoy and treasure the important things of the day.

You can let go now, hands. We’re all going to sleep.

Hands, you allow me to hold those dear to me.

Good night, me. See you in the morning.

Rest, you restore me; allowing me to be thankful that I will experience more tomorrow.

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