Saturday Serenity

Finally, Saturday had arrived. The day I wake without an alarm, the day I savour the morning coffee, the day that is mine to run.

Upstairs, the house is silent, it will remain that way for a while longer.  I walk downstairs into the kitchen, where, the hum of the fan gently circulates air and invites me to brew the first coffee of the day.

While my hands routinely prepare the coffee, I mull over the previous night’s dream, slightly annoyed with its persistent lingering. Does it have a deeper message? My thoughts are interrupted by the buzzing of the coffee machine; the dream can be unpacked later.

Taking my first sip of coffee, I savour its piquant flavour. Thankfully, it’s a good batch.

Returning the cup to the bench, I open my Twitter feed, what have I missed this week, what speaks to me? @gcouros has a message that resonates, note to self, implement this immediately.Serenity 2

Next up, is Jennifer Gonzalez @cultofpedagogy Overwhelmed? Do 5 things, an entertaining way of how to start with 5 simple things to do to regroup. Jennifer shows us her kitchen bench. I glance over at mine – it looks frighteningly similar to the image of her bench. Perhaps a task to tackle before Sunday night.

The coffee continues to work its magic.

I can already feel the week’s activities dissolving and Saturday serenity creeping in.

Perhaps the dream analysis can wait until my afternoon walk in the rainforest.

saturday serenity

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