Time Zones

I live on the opposite side of the world to most of the ‘Slicers’ in the #SOL 18 writing challenge. Essentially, I can post the following day & it is only 9pm for most on the East Coast.

However, Monday night came & went. Leaving me with a few hours to post the next day; well that was my intention.

Tuesday morning arrived. Morning routines wove their web.

Avant je sais ça, the 07.25 bell rang, signalling the beginning of Tuesday’s school day.

The class entered, chatting comfortably with their peers. Going about their own morning routines.

As I turned to grab something from my desk, a student casually asked, “Mrs Saap, what did you blog about last night?”.

“I didn’t get a chance to last night,” I replied, feeling a mix of emotions. On one hand, thrilled that my class were on this journey with me, at the same time disappointed that I didn’t have a post to share with them.

I didn’t like the feeling of disappointment. I wanted to be an inspiration to my class. They were counting on me.

Sometimes, the littlest voices have the most powerful message.

Lessons from Little Voices

  • Don’t leave tasks to the next day.
  • Address them in your own Timezone.

Tuesday #SOL18 – 20 complete.


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