Year 3/4 Phase Leader, Year 4 classroom teacher.


My school has embraced The L.A.U.N.C.H Cycle to teach Humanities. It is design thinking approach created by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani.  Spencer and Juliani believe, “that all kids are naturally creative and that every classroom should be filled with creativity and wonder.” They are passionate about seeing teachers handing ownership to their students and […]


Car Conversation

Inspired by today’s featured Slicer, Darcy Haury, I have decided to write about our family dog – Rue. Rue is a golden Labrador, full of life and always happy to be in our company. This morning, whilst driving to school, my daughter told me about something Rue had done. “Rue was adorable when I was […]


Make a wish 11:11

My daughter sent me a message today that read: Make a wish 11:11 So I did. Sadly, the wish did not come true. What it did make me do was remember the sweet innocence of childhood. My mother and I finding dandelions and making wishes together. Decades on, my daughter and I making wishes together. […]



Thankfully, I’ve had a mind shift in attitude towards exercise and the importance I place on it in my life. The shift occurred in December last year whilst watching an episode of Catalyst @ABCcatalyst, Alzheimer’s – Can we prevent it? Research suggests it can be delayed, even prevented. What I took away from this T.V program, […]



A quick post to share my next steps towards establishing this blog. To assist with writing my posts, I have decided to participate in the Slice of Life writing Individual Challenge #SOL18. For the month of March, participants write daily about an event in their life and comment on three posts. I am looking forward to […]