11:11 Make a wish – Part II


Today is March 11, one week ago I posted ‘Make a Wish 11:11.’

In my post, I made reference to my mother and the wishes we made using dandelions.

Pondering posts for today, it became apparent that it was March 11. I began making connections with the numbers.

Wish – 11:11 – mother- hopes – memories – new beginnings – 11/11


Why is 11/11 important to my family?

On this day in 1949, my grandparents, their children and extended family disembarked on foreign soil. Embraced a new country, culture, climate and way of life.

Not a dandelion in sight. Vulnerable. Hopeful. Brave. Wishful.

Their journey was inspirational. Their legacy lives on.


Wishes are the beginning of hopes, hopes the beginning of actions, actions are the beginning of making memories and change.

As my husband often reminds me, you are a long time dead, make the most of every day you have. Even if it starts with a wish.



My grandparents’ names on The Commemorative wall to honour those who have crossed seas to settle in new lands.