Reflection # 2

Couldn’t we at least….

The above clip by Dean James Ryan – 5 Essential Questions in life, is the basis of my short post for #SOL18 day 16.

I have viewed the YouTube clip many times and its message is powerful.

Driving home from work today, the afternoon’s team meeting was replaying through my mind. My team and I had met to moderate writing samples and maths work. During the professional discussion about the students work, the team raised and discussed valid points.

However, I wasn’t comfortable with how the meeting ended. There were loose ends. The air felt thick as they left the room.

Reflecting further, the 5 essential questions made their way to the front of my mind. As the leader of the group, I feel it would have been valuable for the team had I wrapped up the meeting with question number 3 from Dean Ryan’s talk, “Couldn’t we at least all agree that ….”

Leadership lessons # 2

  • Ensure the team feel a sense of common ground.
  • A united team is a powerful team.
  • A sense of closure is necessary for all involved in the group.