Reflection # 2

Couldn’t we at least….

The above clip by Dean James Ryan – 5 Essential Questions in life, is the basis of my short post for #SOL18 day 16.

I have viewed the YouTube clip many times and its message is powerful.

Driving home from work today, the afternoon’s team meeting was replaying through my mind. My team and I had met to moderate writing samples and maths work. During the professional discussion about the students work, the team raised and discussed valid points.

However, I wasn’t comfortable with how the meeting ended. There were loose ends. The air felt thick as they left the room.

Reflecting further, the 5 essential questions made their way to the front of my mind. As the leader of the group, I feel it would have been valuable for the team had I wrapped up the meeting with question number 3 from Dean Ryan’s talk, “Couldn’t we at least all agree that ….”

Leadership lessons # 2

  • Ensure the team feel a sense of common ground.
  • A united team is a powerful team.
  • A sense of closure is necessary for all involved in the group.

Good Night, Me


Our Junior School students participated in a Performing Arts Festival today. Students between the ages of 5 – 12 showcased a range of musical, dance and performance talent.

At one point in the festival, petite ballerina fairies skipped and pranced across the stage. Feeling nostalgic, my mind returned to a time (not so long ago) when my girls were that age; when they skipped and pranced with pure delight.


The petite fairies inspired my post for today.

Reminiscent of a time years ago, when stories before bed were a night time routine. I recalled a book my daughter loved to read, Good Night, Me by Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay, and, I wrote the following.


Good night, feet. Thank you for running me round today.

Feet, you keep me grounded.

Legs, get some rest. We’ve got a lot of jumping to do tomorrow.

Legs, you give me the height to stand tall and be proud of who I am.

Keep breathing chest.

Breath, you give me life to enjoy and treasure the important things of the day.

You can let go now, hands. We’re all going to sleep.

Hands, you allow me to hold those dear to me.

Good night, me. See you in the morning.

Rest, you restore me; allowing me to be thankful that I will experience more tomorrow.

Silent Energy

Wednesday afternoon is one of my favourite times of the week. It is when my students and I lose ourselves in the magical world of reading.

Today, as I sat and prepared for the lesson, I reflected how at the beginning of the school year the students were apprehensive, cautious and – to some extent – reluctant to immerse themselves and get ‘lost’ in a story. This was no longer the case, now there were 20 minds filled with anticipation, ready to enter the classroom; excited about being transported to another world.

The end-of-lunch bell rang; the children entered the room.

Within moments the classroom was silent. A silence that resonates energy, its force moving to the rhythm of the words on the page. I watched in wonder as Dahl took the students deep into the heart of the factory, to Room Numbers 54, 71 and 77, The Inventing Room and The Great Gum Room.

Floating above their heads were images of ‘sweets that looked round’, ‘a witch’s kitchen’, large green marbles dropping to the floor and machines that groaned. I was surrounded by 20 imaginary movie theatres.

Ah! I do love Wednesday.


11:11 Make a wish – Part II


Today is March 11, one week ago I posted ‘Make a Wish 11:11.’

In my post, I made reference to my mother and the wishes we made using dandelions.

Pondering posts for today, it became apparent that it was March 11. I began making connections with the numbers.

Wish – 11:11 – mother- hopes – memories – new beginnings – 11/11


Why is 11/11 important to my family?

On this day in 1949, my grandparents, their children and extended family disembarked on foreign soil. Embraced a new country, culture, climate and way of life.

Not a dandelion in sight. Vulnerable. Hopeful. Brave. Wishful.

Their journey was inspirational. Their legacy lives on.


Wishes are the beginning of hopes, hopes the beginning of actions, actions are the beginning of making memories and change.

As my husband often reminds me, you are a long time dead, make the most of every day you have. Even if it starts with a wish.



My grandparents’ names on The Commemorative wall to honour those who have crossed seas to settle in new lands.

Reflection # 1


I established my blog ‘Classroom Harmony’ in response to a leadership target. As a classroom teacher (and a mother of three), I have spent the past two decades leading children. Although I am not ‘new’ to leading, I am ‘new’ to leading adults within a dynamic and large school.

Research and Development

Strategies to develop my blog

  • Read blog posts from educational leaders, how are they reflective?
  • Talk about writing with colleagues, friends and family, what makes a blog post interesting?
  • Start writing, take on board feedback, edit and review. Be vulnerable.


The first strategy led me to Mrs Garden’s blog – Monday Musings. Immediately, I began following her posts; receiving an email notification when new posts were written. Her post Do you have the write stuff? where she promoted Slice of Life, is the reason I am a #SOL18 Slicer.

Being a part of the #SOL18 challenge has allowed me to read blogs daily from different parts of the world. I can explore how writers deliver their message. Learn new ideas for teaching children and leading teams.

Leadership Lessons # 1

How has being part of Slice of Life helped?

  • By writing daily, I am reflecting, I am considering the impact of my words. I am continually asking, is the message clear to my audience?
  • Planning is essential, I need to think ahead. The plan can be modified, but it is essential to start with one.
  • Research as much as possible, there is always more to learn.
  • Listen to feedback, adapt and modify the writing or situation as required.

In summary, an effective leader is reflective. So, feedback, please.