Time Zones

I live on the opposite side of the world to most of the ‘Slicers’ in the #SOL 18 writing challenge. Essentially, I can post the following day & it is only 9pm for most on the East Coast.

However, Monday night came & went. Leaving me with a few hours to post the next day; well that was my intention.

Tuesday morning arrived. Morning routines wove their web.

Avant je sais ├ža, the 07.25 bell rang, signalling the beginning of Tuesday’s school day.

The class entered, chatting comfortably with their peers. Going about their own morning routines.

As I turned to grab something from my desk, a student casually asked, “Mrs Saap, what did you blog about last night?”.

“I didn’t get a chance to last night,” I replied, feeling a mix of emotions. On one hand, thrilled that my class were on this journey with me, at the same time disappointed that I didn’t have a post to share with them.

I didn’t like the feeling of disappointment. I wanted to be an inspiration to my class. They were counting on me.

Sometimes, the littlest voices have the most powerful message.

Lessons from Little Voices

  • Don’t leave tasks to the next day.
  • Address them in your own Timezone.

Tuesday #SOL18 – 20 complete.